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If you’ve been marketing your business long enough then you already know the overused phrase Content is King! The thing is…it really is. Think about it… Without content there would really be no search engine optimization (SEO). And without SEO, other than paid advertising, how else would people to find you? So, let’s define content [...]

Working from home is what so many of us want, right? No dragging yourself out of bed, rushing out the door, and getting stuck in traffic! I’ve been working from home for the past year and a half and it was a bit rock at first. I quickly realized that working from my bed just [...]

Building credibility when you’re a newbie

You’re already to start your business! You turned your idea into a product and are ready to go to the market but you can’t help but to notice that the last advertisement you saw on Facebook was from some marketer touting about her million followers and her vast experience in the industry. You start to [...]

How to know if your product will sell?

If you build it they will come…” You know that expression, right? Where did that even come from because that is so far from the truth especially when it comes to marketing your business or selling products and services online. Our time and money are the most precious commodities we have., and if you’re anything [...]

22 Grammar tools for better content creation

Are you starting a blog? If so, that means more writing. There’s no getting around it. You don’t have to be a Jackie Collins or John Grisham, although that wouldn’t hurt lol. Although your writing doesn’t need to be perfect, it shouldn’t look like words you just threw together. It should be proofread thoroughly for [...]

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