6 Common social media mistakes and how to fix them

1. No Vision

If you were starting your own company one of the first things you would do is to set a vision. Success in social media is no different. What is it that you want to accomplish, to achieve?

2. No clear strategy

Many people treat social media like hit or miss…kind of like throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks. You’ve created your vision but how are you going to achieve it? You must be specific and diligent in the development and implementation on your social media strategy.

3. Too Many Platforms

There are hundreds of social media platforms that exist today, you only need to focus on one! I see so many people trying to manage profiles on so many sites that the information just doesn’t seem well thought out becomes very inconsistent. It’s not going to hurt you if you focus on just one, at least to begin with. Build a following and then try something else.

4. Not Consistent

Many create a social media profile, update it with a few times and then forget it. I call the hit it and quit it syndrome. It’s like a relationship, you have to nurture it and be present. If someone goes to your Facebook Fan Page and sees you post an interesting article and then revisit’s your page and sees that you haven’t posted anything for weeks they may not be inclined to check your page out anymore. Develop a publication schedule that includes when you will post to your chosen social media platforms and stick to it.

5. Lack sociability

Think about it…the name social media. What is the key word? Of course, it’s social. Then why do many people just create these mundane posts. Updates should be engaging…not only that, you should use your posts to communicate with your followers and potential customers and build a relationship with them. Create posts that will get people talking and when someone does comment, make sure to respond.

6. No analytics

Too many marketers put stuff out there, they don’t look at analytics to see how many people are reading the posts, which ones they look at, which ones they don’t…which ones are getting high response rates, which ones are not. If you are not analyzing your social media platforms then you could be wasting valuable time. Use Hootsuite to post and track results.

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