Building credibility when you’re a newbie

You’re already to start your business!

You turned your idea into a product and are ready to go to the market but you can’t help but to notice that the last advertisement you saw on Facebook was from some marketer touting about her million followers and her vast experience in the industry.

You start to get worried because you’re just getting started. How do you compete?

How do you show others that you’re the real deal?

How do you build credibility when you’re a newbie?

The key thing to remember is that everyone starts at the beginning!

Marie Forleo, for instance, didn’t start off an Internet sensation.

She started off with zero followers, $0 in sales.

And now, her business has flourished. She’s been on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah Winfrey and has worked with Tony Robbins and Richard Branson.

With a few key steps, you too, can gain credibility and make a name for yourself inside of your industry.


Clarity is one of my favorite words and as you follow my blog and trainings you’ll notice that I talk about this a lot.

You need to be clear about your business and what you offer.

Your messaging should be clear and concise.

Take Action

Write content, create videos, and get out to networking events.

Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups and actively participate.

You must be a do-er.

Don’t worry about making mistakes because that’s inevitable.

Just learn from them and move on.

Share the success of others

Don’t be afraid to put the spotlight on others.

Show your audience what’s possible.

Follow the learn do teach method.

First you learn how to do something.

Then you do it for yourself and get a result.

You then share what you learned and your results with others.

Do Video

I know…I know… you may not like the idea of video however it’s a must in any business especially online.

The good thing is that it doesn’t need to be you in front of a camera if you’re not comfortable.

Thanks to PowerPoint or Google Slides and screensharing programs like Camtasia, you can just create a presentation and create a “faceless” video.

Video will automatically give you credibility.

Content Marketing

Blogging on a regular basis will help drive people to your website.

Also, by doing this you’re building trust and rapport with your audience.

Don’t just write regular posts, really teach people and share knowledge that really helps people.

Encourage them to comment on your post and make sure to respond to any and all comments you get.

When I’m researching a topic and I find a good blog article, I find that some of the best content is in the comments.

I love to hear other’s experiences especially those that differ from mine.


I added the exclamation point her because this is a must.

If you follow the above steps and market your business on a consistent basis, you will gain a great deal of credibility and be seen as an expert.

If you decide to do videos, decide with what frequency you’ll do them and then keep to it.

Don’t do a weekly video and then skip a month.

Don’t decide to post an article for you blog daily, and then you start skipping days.

Whatever, your marketing strategy is make sure to keep to it.

Connect with Industry Experts

This is huge!

It’s not just about knowing where your target audience is hanging out but also where are the industry experts are hanging out as well.

Begin to follow them, get on their email lists, look at what types of content they’re producing, look at what questions they’re constantly being asked on their blog posts, in their groups, etc.

Begin to build relationships with them.

Be sure to begin to offer your help before you ask them for help.

Attend Conferences

If you have some money to invest, start going to conferences.

This is another way of building relationships with industry experts.

It’s also a way to know the latest trends and what’s working now, and how to ready your business for the future.
You also want to identify different conferences and events where your target audience is likely to hang out.

Join Associations

Most industries, if not all, have some type of associations that provide a wealth of content, training, and networking opportunities to its members.

Research the top associations in your industry that you can join.

Be an active member and implement the learn do teach method I wrote about earlier.

Know that you can build credibility.

As a newbie it won’t be overnight but with the right strategy, such as content marketing, videos, and the other steps I outlined above you’ll be well on your way.

Make sure that whatever strategy you decide, you do it with purpose, clarity, and most important of all, with consistency.

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