cheryl washington market research bootcamp

Market Research Bootcamp

Before creating a product it’s important to know if the product will sell. This course will show you how to stop wasting time blindly creating products people don’t want. Instead, you’ll learn ways to identify what your audience wants to buy before creating your products and services.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to find who your target audience is, where to find them, and what types of products and services they will pay for.
  • Discover how to create ads and marketing pages that convert.
  • Understand how to leverage your marketing research to create a marketing campaign that sells!
  • Discover the most profitable keywords using keyword research.
  • Learn what to do if you don’t find a lot of paid search in your niche.
  • Discover what websites people are visiting before and after they come to your site.
  • Discover the influencers and topics that your market is most engaged.
  • And more…!